P.O. Box37417  - Tallahassee - Florida-32315-(850) 509-9341



The purpose for which this corporation is organized is to do all things authorized
by the laws of the United States and the State of Florida to weld the former student
athletes of Florida A&M University into a working agency to accomplish the
following purposes:

To assist in promoting the academic and general athletic interest of Florida
A&M University, in keeping with traditions that exemplify the highest set of ideals
for competition and good sportsmanship.

To assist in promoting continued development of Florida A&M University
athletic teams to the end that they will rank among the nation's finest.

To promote fellowship among the membership of the· club and to foster understanding
and good will between the members and FAMU coaching staffs of all
sports, the faculty, staff, athletes and other alumni.

To promote and encourage active participation in the Florida A&M University
National Alumni Association, local alumni association chapters, FAMU Boosters,
Inc., and all other supportive groups of athletics at FAMU, and
To carry out these and other purposes as outlined in the organization's by-laws..